3 Fabulous Ways To Create A Botanical Style At Home

Plants and flowers are becoming popular trends in interior design. Instead of taking care of the outdoor gardens, which are very sensitive to damage caused by uncontrollable factors, why not take nature indoors, where maintenance can be minimal? Also, the green of plants and the luxurious colors of flowers can bring a lot of life, joy, and comfort to the home. Back at home after a long tiring day, the vision of beauty can cheer up, so we have more energy and power to end the day well.
Indeed, many like to decorate their houses with plants and flowers, and there are several themes through which we can integrate nature. Here are some great ways to create a botanical style at home.

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Go Green With Your Wall Design
You can create more dramas with the designs of your wall by adapting a botanical environment. Start by selecting a material such as marble, granite, or wood. After making the decision, place the green leaves on top. You can go green or mix a few greens with some flowering plants. Check that the flower pots are compatible with the feature wall. Complete the look with a few accessories, such as scented candles, framed photographs, and decorative plates and cups.

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Green Splash In A Minimalist Look
If you are a minimalist type, you can subtly incorporate a botanical look into your home without overwhelming your overall style. There is a beautiful harmony when two contrasting colors, like cold white or light gray, are combined with fresh and surprising green. For shelves and furniture, choose wood with light stains. It is also possible to use a white covering which can be combined with pillows with a minimal botanical motif, such as peas. Keep walls minimal with a single print of art, photo frame, or wall decor. You can also highlight a plant hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room.

Outdoor Furniture
Go Tropical
A tropical look can gently recreate a retro atmosphere without looking worn and dated. The look is straightforward because the right choice of wallpaper and houseplants is the only requirement. Start by selecting a suitable wallpaper with shades of green like sage and forest or just white with minimal patterns. Choose patterns with a tropical touch, such as geometry reminiscent of palm leaves or polka in the form of olives.

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