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We are H&S Private Limited., 17 Soon Lee Road, Singapore 628080,trading as www.arenaliving.sg and its subsidiaries, associates andofficers unless otherwise stated.


All products available for purchase are described on their specificproduct page on our website. www.arenaliving.sg always try to representas accurately as possible every characteristic of the products viaphotography and copy points provided by designers, suppliersor manufacturers.

We do our best efforts to provide you with the best images anddescription, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that colours and detailsin website images are 100% accurate representations of the product, andsizes might in some cases be approximate.

Even if not always mentioned, some self-assembly may be required on certain products.



Your order represents an offer to us to purchase a product which isaccepted by us once we have sent you an email order confirmation. Anyproducts on the same order which we have not confirmed in a orderconfirmation email do not form part of that contract. The company shallunder no circumstances be held liable for any special losses to specificcircumstances of the customer, indirect or consequential losses or forloss of profits, damage or property, or wasted expenditure. The companyalso reserve the right to reject or cancel any orders with the fullamount paid, refunded via the original payment mode made by you. If Cashon Delivery or bank transfer term is selected, cancelled order will notbe delivered and any amount collected from you on the order will befully refunded to you.

If the item(s) is out of stock, we reserve the rights to cancel theentire order and the full amount paid to the company using any form ofpayment mode will be fully refunded to the customer within 7 businessdays. This applies even if the order has been accepted by the company.An email notification will be sent to you about the cancellation. Thecompany shall under no circumstances be held liable for any speciallosses to specific circumstances of the customer, indirect orconsequential losses or for loss of profits, damage or property, orwasted expenditure. If Cash on Delivery or bank transfer term isselected, cancelled order will not be delivered and any amount collectedfrom you on the order will be fully refunded to you.

If the item(s) is damaged, lost, or deemed unfit for use due to anyreason before delivery, we reserve the rights to cancel the entire orderand the full amount paid to the company using any form of payment modewill be fully refunded to the customer within 7 business days. Thisapplies even if the order has been accepted by the company. An emailnotification will be sent to you about the cancellation. The companyshall under no circumstances be held liable for any special losses tospecific circumstances of the customer, indirect or consequential lossesor for loss of profits, damage or property, or wasted expenditure. IfCash on Delivery or bank transfer term is selected, cancelled order willnot be delivered and any amount collected from you on the order will befully refunded to you.

All information asked on the checkout page must be filled inprecisely and accurately. We will not be responsible for missed deliverybecause of wrong delivery address or an inappropriate phone number. Alladditional charges or costs due to delivery complications or misseddelivery would thus be added to your order invoice.

Please also note that, products purchased may be made specifically toyour order, in this case average delivery times are longer than usual.Products may take up to 16 weeks to arrive with you. Delivery timeslisted on each product page is an estimation.

All orders are subject to acceptance and availability. If any productordered are unavailable, you will be notified by e-mail, and you willhave the option either to wait until the item is available again or tocancel your order. It is your responsibility to provide us with an valide-mail address or alternative contact details so that we can contactyou if necessary. Any orders placed by you will be treated as an offerto purchase the Products from us and we have the right to reject suchoffers at any time prior to acceptance. We reserve the rights to cancelthe order and refund the full amount of the purchase.

Each item purchased is sold subject to these Conditions, including,without limitation, any Conditions concerning estimated delivery timesand any warranties. Please ensure that you read all the relevant terms.

We reserve the right to refuse any order placed by you and will not be required to provide an explanation.



A credit card and necessary information is needed for payment. Allorders are paid only through PayPal account or by credit cards issuedby companies listed on the payment page.

Payment will be debited and cleared from your credit card, debit card or PayPal account at the time when your order is accepted.

We will issue you with an electronic receipt to your e-mail addressonce your debit/credit card account or electronic payment account hasbeen debited/charged with the appropriate amount.

When you pay for your order by credit or debit card, checks or‘authorisations’ are carried out with the card issuer for securityreasons. Should any problems occur with the authorisation of your card,we will contact you with further details.

The sale will be submitted for processing as soon as you click on the“confirm” button. You will then receive an email from us to confirm thesale, availability of the product, and expected average delivery date.

We may refuse to process a transaction for any reason or refuseservice to anyone at any time at our sole discretion. We will not beliable to you or any third party by reason of refusing or by reason ofunwinding or suspending any transaction after processing has begun.

Products will be delivered to you, the Buyer, at the address providedby you on the order form, and you shall be contacted prior to deliveryin order to arrange a delivery date and time for larger items. Smallitems will be delivered via a parcel service.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the items fit throughdoors and can be placed inside the home prior to placing their order.

We cannot deliver to an address other than the billing address.

Free delivery on qualifying orders is only applicable withinSingapore mainland. Additional delivery charges may be incurred at thediscretion of  www.arenaliving.sg should the deliveries be chosen tooccur outside of our normal operating hours. A surcharge of S$50 inaddition to the delivery charges already incurred will be applicable fordeliveries to Sentosa Island, Jurong Island and restricted area such asmilitary bases.

Delivery lead time may vary depending on the products ordered. Ouron-demand production model makes it vary from 2 to 16 weeks onaverage, also depending on the quantity of orders and on the vesselavailability. This is only an average estimation, and some delivery cantake longer, or alternatively be delivered much faster. All deliveryestimates given at the time of placing and confirming order are subjectto change. In any case, we will do our best to contact you and adviseyou of all changes.


CASH ON DELIVERY TERMS (including cheque payment):

Cash payment must be made in full amount as per stated on checkoutinvoice upon the receipt of the order delivery. We reserve the rights topostpone, reschedule or cancel the order if the payment is not made infull upon delivery.  For cheque payment, we reserve the rights to refusepost-dated cheques or cheques with incorrect amount, wrong payee nameor unsigned as per stated on checkout invoice. If such circumstancearises, we reserve the rights to postpone, reschedule or cancel theorder. If for any reasons the cheque received is not able to clear bythe bank or bounced, we reserve the rights to request payment from thebuyer using an alternative method listed on Shopify Checkout. If thebuyer is unable to make the payment in full using any of the methodslisted on Shopify Checkout after 5 working days of receiving the order,we reserve the rights to collect the items back from the buyer and anadministrative and repacking fee of $120 or 30% of the order amount(whichever is higher) will be charged to the buyer.



You may cancel your order anytime within three (3) days from yourorder date. We would then refund you the amount paid for theproduct except handling and logistic costs at S$60. Cancellations madeafter that time will need to be made at the time of delivery, via arefusal of delivery and you will be liable for delivery costs,collection costs and logistic costs at of 30% of the product sellingprice

If for any reason you wish to return your purchase you must notify uscontacting our Customer Service team by sending an email tocontact@arenaliving.sg with the order reference number, a quickexplanation of the reason why you wish to return the product, and anydetail you consider important. We usually answer emails within three (3)working days. Our customer service team will then contact you toorganise a collection and explain all the necessary procedures. We wouldthen refund you the amount paid for the product except handling fee of30% of the product selling price.

If the delivered item does not fit your order, is damaged orincorrectly supplied, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange arefund or replacement. www.arenaliving.sg must be notified of damageswithin 24 hours of delivery. We will ask you to send us a photo of thedamage for our records and to assist us in taking appropriate action. Wewill require you to return the item with care, as it might be necessaryto return it to the manufacturer. Please include your customer orderdetails with the package, as these are necessary for processing areturn. Once received, the items will be checked and our customerservice will contact you to advise you of the possible replacement orrefund.

Concerning unwanted goods, if you change your mind for any reason andyou wish to return your purchase you must notify us within seven (7)days from delivery date by contacting our Customer Service team bysending an email to contact@arenaliving.sg. You have a duty of care forthe product during the cancellation period, which includes it being sentback in the original, unmarked and undamaged packaging, or in a goodenough quality transport packaging in order to avoid any damage duringthe transport back to our warehouse. Items must not have been used orassembled in any way.

Items returned must arrive in perfect condition. www.arenaliving.sgretains the right to refuse a refund on any item not deemed to be resaleable. Returns cannot be accepted once the assembly process hasbegun.

Therefore as a general rule, should you change your mind and want toreturn your item and get a refund, by case by case basis, you will becharged a handling fee of 30% of the product selling price. This fee isnot applicable if the product were returned due to manufacturer defects.We do not accept responsibility for items lost or damaged in transitand your initial delivery charge will not be refunded.



Free delivery on qualifying orders is only applicable to purchasesthat are made in a single invoice, to a single address in one trip,unless otherwise stated.
In the event that a single order has to besplit into various delivery dates/locations/timings due to specialrequests and/or selection of delivery dates within the stated deliverylead-time period, additional logistics charges will apply at thediscretion of www.arenaliving.sg., or at the discretion of any of ouraffiliated sellers and fulfilment agents that will be delivering yourorder.

There is no installation charges, unless otherwise stated.

Free delivery on qualifying orders is only applicable withinSingapore mainland. Additional delivery charges may be incurred at thediscretion of www.arenaliving.sg should the deliveries be chosen tooccur outside of our normal operating hours. A surcharge of S$50 inaddition to the delivery charges already incurred will be applicable fordeliveries to Sentosa Island. We do not deliver to Jurong Island.

In the event that the goods cannot be delivered on your preferreddelivery date and/or time-slot due to reasons such as lack of stock fromsuppliers or scheduling difficulties, you will be notified the soonestpossible. www.arenaliving.sg reserves the right to amend the deliverytimings or to substitute the original item to a similar product ofhigher or equal value should such circumstances arise.

To qualify for free delivery, your delivery location must beaccessible via elevator (i.e. on the same storey as lift landing) ormust be on the same floor as the goods loading/unloading area. If thedelivery crew is unable to send furniture to your location via theelevator at the point of delivery (eg. Furniture is unable to fit intoelevator, elevator serviceable upon delivery crew’s arrival, refusal ofelevator access by building management etc) we will assess (at our owndiscretion) the feasibility of the furniture being carried up via thestaircase in a non-hazardous manner. If the process is deemed hazardous,(e.g furniture or infrastructure prone to damage on narrow stairway,obstruction of passageway), In the event that delivery is deemedunfeasible, www.arenaliving.sg reserves the right to cancel thedelivery. Upon cancellation, a refund of any of your prior payments forthat delivery will be made by cheque within two weeks from the initialdelivery date.

Should delivery via staircase be deemed safe,additional charges per item will be as follows: First nonlift-accessible storey free of charge (e.g. staircase delivery fromground floor to level two is free) + $20 per item transported to asubsequent non lift-accessible storey.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact our Customer  Service team at contact@arenaliving.sg.

Regular-priced items have a one (1) year Limited Structural Warranty(Warranty) beginning from the date of delivery of the Product unlessotherwise stated. This warranty does not cover loose joints, wear andtear. Normal softening, volume contraction and natural wear out offabric and filling materials around after used will not be considered asloss of elasticity due to manufacturing failure, and as a result willnot be covered by warranty.

If the model originally purchased cannot be repaired or replaced, anequivalent model will be offered or a www.arenaliving.sg cash voucherworth the depreciated value of the item be issued.

www.arenaliving.sg shall not be responsible for any defects arisingfrom fair wear and tear, wilful damage, abnormal use, failures to follow“ Instructions for Use” (whether oral or in writing), misuse oralteration. Burns, pet damage to the fabric/PU leather after the productis delivered; spillage such as solvent, acids, ink, dye, paint, bodysecretion or any other coloured or corrosive materials (which causestains) are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty excludes any damage caused by carelessness or improperuse/cleaning or alteration of the products. It also excludes damages orclaims caused by direct exposure to sunlight or other sources of heat,such as (but not limited to), sun lamps, bright lights or radiators.Commercial or rental use of the products or damages due to naturalcatastrophes will not be covered by this warranty.

The warranty only applies to the first and original purchaser of theproduct within the first delivery address. After the warranty expires,the customer shall be charged for replacements, repair, labour cost andtransportation cost, if any.

Replaced items for a warranty claim will only carry the remainingterm of the original warranty. Replaced items for a warranty claim maynot be brand new.

Replacing items under warranty may take up to 3 months.

There will be a labour and transport charge of SGD$100.00 per servicevisit per location during the warranty period except for the first sixmonth after delivery.

www.arenaliving.sg shall in no event be responsible for any direct,indirect, accident, consequential or incidental damages such as (but notlimited to) loss of expenses, sales or profit, loss of value whichcould have been created by the use of products. The responsibility ofwww.arenaliving.sg shall never exceed the repair or replacement cost ofthe products or part thereof which gives rise to claim.

The above warranty terms will be the one and only valid warrantydocument for the products from Home And Style. No amendment to its termseither verbal or written, are valid.

Update. 16th April 2018