We Fight For Sustainability

Outdoor Furniture Is Useless If The Air Is Polluted — That’s Why We Fight For Sustainability!

Arena Living is all about outdoor furniture that brings people and families together under the open sky. But that is only possible if the air is free of smog, and there is no foul smell from polluted water, that makes it unbearable to spend time outside. That means that we have a very good reason — in addition to our social responsibility — to do our part in saving the environment.

Clean Manufacturing Processes

Recognising our responsibility to the world we are part of, we consistently look for innovative ways to reduce wastage and pollution. We are very conscious about only working with manufacturers who implement ‘cleaner manufacturing practices’. The manufacturers whom we choose to work with need to live up to our sustainability standards and we put great effort into searching for manufacturers who introduce measures to save energy and reduce waste products within their production.

But when it comes to sustainability, we can always be better. And that is why it is one of our dedicated goals to keep improving our environmental impact and never settle for “good enough” when it comes to green solutions.

Durable And Long Lasting Products Are The Key To Reducing Waste Pollution.

We can have the cleanest and greenest manufacturing process and supply chain imaginable, but that doesn’t matter if our furniture itself was to end up at a dump site prematurely. That is why we see high quality and hard wearing outdoor furniture, which will last our customers for season after season, as the key to improve our environmental impact.

Products made from inferior materials and poor construction will inevitably end up as waste sooner or later. That is why we not only search for innovative and high performing materials, we also ensure that the craftspeople who produce our furniture know what they are doing.

Fair Trade Partners

To keep being able to deliver these high quality standards, we want to make sure that the craftspeople employed by our partners work under fair conditions.

Currently we work with some of the world’s top furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, China and Thailand. We have chosen to work with these exact manufacturers to ensure that the craftspeople receive competitive wages, medical benefits, and a safe work environment.

Better Fabrics For A Better Future

The other key material used for our outdoor furniture is high quality acrylic fabrics - Specifically fabrics sourced from manufacturers with high environmental standards of their manufacturing process. The benefit of these modern performance fabrics is that they take and preserve colouring very efficiently.That means that the dyeing process requires less energy, which in turn reduces our CO2 output. It also requires less water, which minimises the risk of polluted water reaching local streams and lakes or tainting drinking water.
Made With Materials That Have As Little Impact On The Environment As Possible.

We work with some of our industry's most well-known material suppliers; Viro, Ecolene and Rehau. Common for all three is that they are known not only for quality, but also for acting sustainably.

Our furniture is primarily made from Polyethylene. This material is lightweight, strong, and flexible, which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture that needs to support the weight of a grown person and stay outside in changing weather conditions. Furthermore, it contains no toxic compounds, it is fully recyclable, and produces sturdy fibres that will stand up to even the harshest weather conditions.

We want to thank you for your interest in eco-friendly and sustainable products and hope that you have gotten a small glimpse of the effort we and our suppliers put into producing sustainable outdoor furniture. Our planet faces a lot of ecological threats, but we can at least do our bit by adopting sustainable production methods. We believe that every single action counts, so don’t settle for unsustainable furniture! — It will hurt both the environment and your wallet in the long run.