A Simple Guide to Outdoor Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Care

Outdoor furniture is designed to be rugged, able to withstand the weather in ways that interior furniture cannot. Indeed, it is often treated with water- and weather-resistant finishes to ensure that the material is not harmed by the sun, wind, or rain. However, despite its longevity, resin wicker patio furniture needs considerable care to stay beautiful and functional for an extended period of time, even with protective coatings.

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Fortunately, maintenance is easy and just needs a few basic suggestions. If you are looking to maintain the quality of your resin wicker furniture, outdoor furniture and balcony furniture from lounge chairs to dining table sets, here are some tips.

Maintaining the Cleanliness of Resin Wicker
Because dust and grime build regardless of the season, the first step in caring for your wicker furniture is to clean it. Dust off light soot with a gentle brush anytime you see it starting to accumulate. If you discover more dust that you are unable to reach, feel free to use a vacuum with a brush attachment to extract any tenacious debris. To remove dirt and filth, just wash the parts off with a strong stream. Consider a stream rather than rapids. If any of the weaving seems to be out of place after a brief inspection, just replace them gently with your fingertips.

If dusting, vacuuming, and hosing off are insufficient, scrape it clean with a sponge and mild soap. Ensure that all cleaner is completely removed before finishing and allow the wicker to dry completely before using.

Helpful Tips When Cleaning Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture might resemble the furniture you have indoors, but you should be extra careful when cleaning outdoor furniture. The main distinction between outdoor and indoor furniture is that furniture that you place outdoors endures more moisture, and weather conditions. Here are some tips to consider when you clean resin wicker outdoor furniture.

Assemble a soft bristled brush. Using steel wool or a harsh and abrasive brush may cause harm to the wicker. It is not the strongest material available and utilizing such things may scratch or damage it.

If you have minor aesthetic damage, the best course of action is to repair it using wood glue and then continue cleaning. If you believe the damage cannot be repaired using wood glue, the best course of action is to take your wicker furniture to a specialist.

Avoid squeezing the wicker slats excessively; this is a simple and completely preventable method to harm them.

When washing wicker patio furniture, avoid allowing water to pool for prolonged periods of time. This may cause the wicker to get saturated, resulting in unattractive stains.

Finally, if you reside in an area with inclement weather, storing your furniture through the worst portion of the season is your best option. It is not the end of the world if you do not have a place to keep your patio furniture. There are several fantastic patio chair cover choices that will preserve your patio investment admirably.

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