Create a little oasis for family and friends.

Hey urban dweller, balconies are precious in city like Singapore. If you own an apartment with balconies, please do not waste it. After-all, you own something that many people can only envy. Even a modest balcony space is considered a luxury here.

outdoor balcony view from arena living outdoor furniture

Many people hope to have an enjoyable outdoor garden to spend time and enjoy being outside. Even a small balcony can look like a beautiful outdoor garden. Here are some tips to help you to transform your balconies into an irresistible retreat.


Complement some planters to your railings

Railing planters can make your boring balcony comes alive. There are many planters in the market designed specifically to be hanged on the railing.  These planters offer a great area to grow small plants.

Be brave and play with colour. Combine great combinations of colours wherever you could. It can be in the form of getting colour flowering pots or plants colourful flowers.


Add some hanging plant

Hanging plants are lovely, and they are easy to maintain and grow. Depending on the type of balcony space, you can consider adding some hanging planter or baskets planters. A hanging basket is a suspended container, you can grow some herbs in there. Imagine you can unhook the hanging basket and bring it to the kitchen when you prepare you meals. You can also grow pretty plants which will add a fun look to your balcony.


Get some nice balcony furniture

We know that many balcony spaces do not allow a full dining table set with armchairs, but something like an outdoor swing chair or small chairs and a side table will offer you a wonderful option to relax. A good patio furniture will bring comfort and cosiness to your balcony.

Outdoor Seatings Shelton Sofa Set

Light up your balcony

You want to make sure you can spend time on the balcony even at night when the weather is more cooling. Add some decorative lighting also add to the atmosphere. There are many types of outdoor lights like outdoor sconces or paper lanterns. Lighting can also helps to deter bothersome insects.

Create a little oasis for family and friends.

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