Creating A Work-Life Balance Auring The Covid-19 Circuit Breaker In Singapore

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Prioritise Relaxation
When you work at home, career and family can blend in such a perfect way that it seems like there's no time for yourself. Especially at a time like this, with full households locked-in together. For your own physical and mental well-being, it’s vital that you create time for what’s essential for you. Exercise, artistic hobbies, getting outdoors for a fast walk, reading and rituals of self care regularly get abandoned because we are too engaged with our family and work commitments.

Have a designated work space
Now, flicking on the laptop and activating the video is the sudden start to the virtual working day. Likewise, without that ‘leaving the office’ moment, it’s all too easy to open up your laptop after the working day is done, either to send a fast email or check up on something. But doing so isn’t conducive to a wholesome work-life balance. It’s an apparent one but perhaps the most important - where possible, have a designated space for work that completely separates the corporate world from the rest of the house.

Balconies Turning Into New Family Party Areas
Balconies are turning into places of leisure and get-togethers. Since most other activities are coming to a standstill, people seem to have some time in their hands, though sadly circuit breaker in their homes. Such a situation can be frightening for the city dwellers like us in Singapore. But the one place you can get some relief from the indoors is your balcony. You can make your balcony a solace during this uncertain period with a little transformation. Here is what you can do to make it happen.

Not all balconies are spacious. Smaller outdoor furniture is best for balconies because when you don’t need them, you can store them away and free up the space. If you do not have any such outdoor chairs or tables, make use of your small chairs and a foot stools. Armchair, a bench, a cushioned chair or anything that you have can be an excellent addition to your balcony. The idea here is to have a handy seating and not make it cramped.

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