Creating an Indoor Garden

Don’t have a patio? Worry not. There’s still a chance for you to build a beautiful garden within the four walls in your house, irrespective of how big or small the living space is. We have collected some amazing ideas for creating an indoor garden which can take shape in unique and new ways, such as hanging down, growing up or utilizing the space that is unused.

If you wish to achieve a sense of tranquility that will enlighten your mood within the space that you have, creating a stylish indoor garden in the perfect way to do so. When you have plants inside your house, they will not only contribute to a good view, but will also improve the quality of air. If you dream about creating an indoor garden, here’s a list of some amazing ideas you good go for, in your office, home or even a café.

Perfect for gifts, terrariums are basically referred to as being the miniature garden inside a container. They can be hanged from a ceiling or can be kept on a table. They are sealed and made up off glass, and are often know as open-air containers. Types vary, they can be sand based, soil-based, water based or soil-free.

You can create your own terrarium, or you can buy them in pre-established form, from online websites, gift shops and garden centers. If you wish to be creative, you can use random objects made of glass, for example water jug, light bulb, fish bowl, indoor ferns, moss, air plant and floral.

Vertical gardening
Install a vertical garden and bring life to your indoor garden. If you have less space within your house, vertical gardens seem like a good choice. You can select the form (hanging or mounted), as per your purpose, whether you want it for aesthetic purpose or want to create a vegetable garden or indoor herb.

Green walls or living walls are the next big thing in vertical gardening. It’s up to you if you want to create a feature wall that can be moved and consists of tumbling greenery, or the one that is bright and floral. If you wish to make it even better, you can install some fairy-lights that are water-proof or down lights, so that you can witch them on at night.

Air plants
Air plants (aka Tillandsia), can be purchased easily from online shops like Air Plant Décor. You don’t have to provide any attention to them as they solely thrive on oxygen. It is important to note that these plants will not survive if you over-water them. Air Plant Décor is a reliable retailer who will deliver and package your plant with complete care instructions. They can be placed on air plant holders that are unique or even on terrariums.

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