Five Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Outdoor Furniture

Before deciding to remove that old sofa outside, remember that the interior and exterior furniture is manufactured differently. Outdoor furniture is designed to withstand different climatic conditions and environmental factors. In the case of a tropical country like Singapore, for example, outdoor furniture must be resistant to heat and rain. The high moisture content of our humid climate can cause unexpected wood deformation or fungus growth.

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Purchasing outdoor furniture should not be a routine task. However, with tons of options on the market, which one should you go for?
Below are useful tips to aid you in getting the most out of your outdoor furniture!

Check Your Space
Like most of us in Singapore, who live in high-rise flats or condos, the outdoor space we have is primarily limited to our balconies. Sometimes our living rooms are small, while our balconies are the same size or even more extensive than those of our living rooms. This forces many of us to bring the dining room to the balcony, whether we like it or not. If you are searching for an outdoor dining set, the and chairs are your best friends, especially those resistant to UV rays and water!

Tip: Adjust your balcony to make the heat more bearable by adding 3M blinds or UV adhesives!

Find Out What You Need
Do you want to have a large outdoor table to share with family and friends or just a comfortable lounge chair which you can use for reading? If you prefer something more elegant, look for a bar table with bar stools. Before purchasing outdoor furniture, think about the type of outdoor furniture that best suits your lifestyle. To see what you want to look like, take a look at Pinterest, Instagram, or furniture sites for ideas on how to maximize your space.

Buy Within Your Budget
Now that you have scanned the space and have an idea of how you want your outdoor area to look, it's time to check your budget. Quality items do not generally mean more expensive items. If you intend to save costs, look for outdoor furniture that is up for sale. Also consider purchasing items in bulk, such as an outdoor dining table and a set of chairs; it’s a great way to get more with less cost.

Purchase The Right Materials
Materials such as synthetic wicker, aluminum, UV protected plastic, and waterproof fabrics are the best option. Aside from being durable, they are also easy to clean! Is your balcony completely protected or in full contact with the sun and rain? If your yard is protected, lucky you! This means that you are open to several material options, such as steel. However, if your balcony is in full contact with rain and sun, consider a material that is UV-protected and rust-proof so that you can enjoy the furniture for many years to come. The material should also be able to dry quickly and, if possible, resistant to UV rays and discoloration.

Don't Break Your Style
Remember that the exterior is part of your home; It should always reflect your style. The way you choose to decorate this place should complement your entire home. If you like a minimalist style, choose simple, no-frills, and aesthetically-pleasing sofas. Meanwhile, adding colorful outdoor armchairs is a great way to add a splash of color to your space.

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