How Outdoor Living Spaces Are Good for Your Well Being

We have seen several architectural designs for homes in recent times, and quite a number have outdoor living spaces. Having that patio, nice outdoor furniture, grill, all looking so nice, but very few are unaware of the many benefits outdoor living brings to your home.

Outdoor living spaces are a fast growing trend in homes nowadays as they offer a wide array of benefits – not only do they provide us with comfort and a place for relaxation, they also have a wide range of health benefits they offer to us. Outdoor living spaces helps create the feel of nature. It is a creation with outdoor furniture and greenery. There are several reasons why you should adopt an outdoor living space in your homes and some of them are listed below.

1.    Psychological disorders may be reduced by nature and greenery
Nature has been known to be a very good way to reduce negative mental health especially when you are surrounded by it. It is not clearly stated if this effect is as a result of the presence of nature felt around or as a result of the promotion of physical activity due to nature. Nature and greenery will help you evade psychological disorders through. You can create that perfect living with outdoor furniture, plants and water feature.

2.    Nature can boost your mood
It has been noticed that nature stimulates your system and in turn boosts your mood. With the availability of nature in your outdoor space, you can be sure to have a stirred up and boosted mood more frequently. Powerful neurochemicals are secreted by your brain which helps in stimulating a satisfied and happy feeling whenever you are outside.

3.    Connecting with nature can reduce stress
In our world today, stress has become a very common phenomena either positive or negative stress. Several methods to combat stress have been suggested –a natural means which have proven to be effective in stress reduction is relaxation in your outdoor space. According to a review of scientific studies by Minding our Bodies, getting out to nature helps reduce our stress levels.

4.    Surrounding yourself with nature may improve your cognitive abilities
A recent study published in the Psychological Science carried out a research using two groups to walk in a natural setting and another in a city setting – it was observed that those who walked in nature had better cognitive abilities as compared to those who walked in the city setting. They also had longer attention spans.

5.    The freshest air possible
A natural air purifier found in our environment are plants. They remove harmful particles and pollutants in the air which allows our bodies to have a break from toxins.

6.    Promoting good vision
Your vision can be improved by simply spending time outdoors – nearsightedness in children of age 6-12 can also be prevented through spending time outside. Always remember to wear sunglasses though and never look directly into the sun.

Now, start create that perfect outdoor space for your family. It does not cost much to have some plants, outdoor rugs and some outdoor and table.

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