Outdoor Replacement Cushions

Your balcony should be an outdoor extension of your home. It should serve up as a spot for relaxation and to enjoy the good Singapore weather.

Singapore Outdoor Furniture

One of the simplest and most versatile ways to renew and bring color to your outdoor furniture is by swapping out aged cushions for brand-new ones. Whether your outdoor cushions just need a simple fabric update or need a full-replacement due to years of wear and tear, Arena Living outdoor furniture store has a solution for you.

You will be amazed about how massive of an impact this small update can make to your outdoor furniture! To help get you started, Arena Living outdoor furniture store has put together a guide for replacing your outdoor cushions — enjoy!

1. Designed in the Singapore
Designing right here in Singapore allows for you, our customer, to have a more customized, luxurious look while giving you the ability to replace your outdoor cushions very easily.

2. Cushion Model Available Forever
Although Arena Living makes new designs every year, we save cushion model for every product and frame we have ever sold. You can replace any outdoor cushion for any Arena Living outdoor furniture dating back since 2015, making it easier than ever for you to update your patio furniture!
What if you don’t own Arena Living furniture, but would like to update your cushions with Arena Living cushions? No worries! All you need to do is reach out to us give them your furniture dimensions. We will try to help you.

3. Guaranteed Warranty
Arena Living stands behind our cushion designs, providing you a guaranteed warranty of one year. We will repair or replace any cushion in the original color and style from the original date of purchase. Please note that fading or discoloration is not covered.

You will be surprised about how big of an impact this small update can make to your patio furniture!

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