Popular Outdoor Living Trends

In this digital age there is a pressing need for maintaining an authentic human connection and it has inspired the design elements for outdoor living. The movement is evolving and outdoor design is not just about the simple patio, sunchairs and barbecue grill. It is now all about creating a comfortable space for family and friends to connect by replicating the environment of an indoor gathering spot and in some cases exceeding them as well. Keeping with that theme the most popular trends for the forthcoming year that you can expect to see all around you.

Contemporary Outdoor Living

As it is the case with interior design, outdoor design is also shifting towards clean lines and modern features of contemporary design. When you talk about contemporary outdoor design one immediately thinks of modular-shaped pavements but that is not really true. The colors and textures used can also influence the design and make it look contemporary. Although the modular pavements are here to stay but the texture of the floor will be much smoother. The trend is also shifted towards monochromatic color schemes with bright shades and hues.

Becoming One with Nature

One of the most prevalent trends that is hot in the business right now is the entanglement of landscape installations with the surrounding nature. This can be achieved by entangling the paver with the grass in a way that it fades into each other. A more dramatic way to execute that would be to create a walkway with plank-styled pavers. Some designers are shifting towards porcelain pavers and spacing them out with grass to create a chessboard pattern.

Texturing of Walls

Homeowners are requesting that their walls retain the natural texture of the stone so that they look more authentic. The styles in vogue are the ones using chiseled stone or tumbled stone. Homeowners are also drawn to the wall patterns that have clean lines and a contemporary look.

Formal Water Installations

People enjoy the soothing tinkling sounds of water and they are incorporating water features into their outdoors with growing interest. The designs are formal and they add a certain class to the environment. Homeowners want a feature that adds beauty but is also easier to maintain because they do not want to take extra time out of their day to clean it. The ambiance it creates is sublime and it also adds value to the space without the consumers having to compromise on time and cost.

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