The Best Outdoor Furniture to Transform Your Patio or Balcony Into a Sanctuary

For year 2021, the hunt for the finest outdoor furniture has undertaken on a newfound meaning. During normal days, an evening out at a bar or a BBQ were social staples. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, many of us will spend these days at our homes. Therefore, spruce up your outdoor space (whether it’s a balcony, patio, backyard or rooftop) is necessary for some fun during the days with good weather.

outdoor furniture in singapore balcony

Let us begin with the most fundamental: a place to sit. An outdoor armchair set is ideal for those who need something effortless. They are inexpensive and lightweight (therefore easy to move around) Considering to make a additional long-lasting investment? You cannot go wrong with our Stackable Patio Set.

No night is complete without an al fresco dinner; however you will need the right outdoor dining set to make that happen. For many Singaporean, a bistro set is a chic and space-conscious choice. If you have a good-sized balcony or patio and love to entertain, get in a full outdoor dining set.

Below, the some  best pieces of outdoor furniture, whether you’re a city-dweller, outdoor-lover, modernist, or traditionalist.

From easy-to-move slingbacks to the cushy lounger you'll never want to get up from, here are the perfect seats.

Outdoor Chairs

Bistro Sets
Just the things for your next city cocktail hour, afternoon tea, or even outdoor office.

Patio Bistroy Furniture

Outdoor Accessories
After you order the basics, get something to add a bit of spark.

Outdoor Rug

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