What is synthetic wicker?

A new method weaving has recently been discovered which has taken the outdoor furniture companies by whirl. The unique method of weaving uses natural plant materials to produce products like baskets, trays, indoor and outdoor furniture. The all weather wicker is mainly manufactured for the patio furniture.

After melting the poly ethane pellets, the material is fed into the extrusion machine which carries out the subsequent processing to produce the material. We have started using renewable products along with ultra violet stabilizers which prevents any damage to the material if they are exposed to the high ultra violet rays.

As the material is now a famous choice amongst the furniture company and is frequently used to cover the outdoor furniture, the material needs to be highly resistant to all forms of weather. The furniture therefore has a huge amount stabilizers added into them to make them highly resistant. In case the material starts to wear off and experience severe kind of damage due to extreme weather or exposure to excessive sunlight, then the purpose of using wicker to cover the furniture is lost.

As wicker has an absolutely decent finished look, it is often used in the covering up of the furniture. The excessive use and production companies present have made the fiber to remain affordable. Rather than being extremely expensive and pricey, wicker often lies within the affordable range thus not being a burden upon the individual’s budget.

The fact that wicker enhances the look of the furniture and the price being wrapped in it, has contributed greatly to the popularity of the fiber. Being affordable and easily available also adds to the fact that people are able to have a huge variety to chose from according g to their home decor. All these factor add up to the popularity of the newly discovered fiber.

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