When to Replace Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture can last for two years or two decades, depending on how regularly you treat and maintain your furniture.

Wicker is a wonderful material choice with a woven construction for a timeless rural look. To maintain its structure and look, you must maintain wicker regularly. It is less expensive than other materials and can last much longer if partially protected in a covered balcony. Wicker furniture is best in our tropical climates under shade or an canopy where there is not too much direct exposure to sunlight or dirt.

The most affordable outdoor material for outdoor furniture is simple plastic. Plastic is water-resistant and won’t rust. Plastic has a smooth surface that is easy to maintain. However, plastic is not crafted for longevity. Extreme hot temperatures will warp and compromise the furniture’s structure. Constant sun exposure can cause plastic furniture to fade. Plastic can last a few years in moderate climates but is not built to last forever.

Deciding on an outdoor furniture is an essential choice, and you should complement this initial overview with more research about where you live to determine what material option fits your budget while meeting your needs. Once you pick a material, you still must determine which style of outdoor furniture will best match your home design. Take out the guesswork when you read our guide to finding your outdoor furniture style.

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