Beyond the Product

The Handwork and Craftsmanship Behind Arena Living Outdoor Furniture

 Arena Living is all about offering high quality outdoor furniture that brings people, families and friends together in a comfortable setting. But before you can relax comfortably in them, our furniture goes through the hands of some amazing craftspeople. It is these skilled artisans that we want to highlight today.

Extreme attention to detail delivers amazing quality furniture.

Arena Living oversees all aspects of its production, to make sure that every single piece of our furniture is manufactured with the highest quality of craftsmanship. That includes employing some of the best craftspeople in their fields to work on our furniture lines.

Stringent quality control and high quality standards guarantee that the finished furniture can stand the test of time outside in a tropical climate. With frequent checks throughout the manufacturing process – from framing to powder coating, weaving to final finishing – our experienced quality control team bears a lot of responsibility for the quality of our furniture. Only after they sign off on the quality of our products are they ready to be packaged and shipped to our customers.

Making arene living outdoor furniture
outdoor furniture factory arena living
Discover the amazing craftspeople behind our outdoor furniture.

It's not enough to have a huge range of fantastic materials and innovative new furniture designs. Arena Living furniture is relying on and indebted to the expert craftsmen who choose to use their unique skills to craft our furniture. In conjunction with our spectacular quality control team, these artisans make sure that each and every inch of our furniture is perfectly tooled and assembled.

To keep our level of quality at the high level our customers are used to, we partner exclusively with master craftspeople in Vietnam and China. We seek out collaborations in these areas for their world-renowned weaving traditions. Here we work with only the best local craftspeople to produce the highest quality possible. We choose local artisans for their highly sophisticated weaving skills to produce our wicker furniture.
workers making arena living patio furniture

Tedious handcrafting process makes for ultra durable furniture.

Our wicker outdoor furniture is exclusively made by hand. Despite innovations in robotics and advanced automated manufacturing processes, nothing beats the high quality craftsmanship and handwork done by experienced craftspeople. The attention that the individual craftsperson puts into every step of the manufacturing process is not matched by any method of mass production or any machine. We on the other hand are able to hire these craftspeople because all our products are made-to-order and shipped directly to our customers. This way we can both offer our customers a beneficial price and local craftspeople fair wages and working conditions.

Supporting local artisans and preserving the traditional crafts.

Weaving is the main income for the artisans crafting Arena Living furniture, and in some cases it has been that way for generations. That is why it is important for us to provide fair trade conditions for all the craftspeople that we work with. We believe that this benefits, not only the craftspeople and the fight against poverty that occurs if they lose their main source of income, but also our customers. By securing good working conditions and fair wages, we believe that our craftspeople will deliver exceptional quality and build outdoor furniture that will last our customers years after years.

arena living balcony furniture factory
rattan of outdoor furniture by arena living

From artisan to balcony — we control the full production chain.

All this work goes into a product that we are proud to deliver to our customers every time. No, we do not deliver day-to-day, but when you receive your new outdoor furniture, we are certain that it is made with the best quality materials, by the most skilled craftspeople and upholds the highest quality standards.