Our Story

We are on a mission to bring families together in the comfort of our modern, high quality outdoor furniture.

We believe that every family deserves to spend time together in a comfortable outdoor space and therefore we have perfected our production to offer our customers unmatched quality and luxurious designs at a lower price than traditional retailers.

outdoor furniture with family arena living

Our story begins far from the busy life in Singapore, with a long awaited family vacation.

During the family vacation in Bali, something special happened. Our family came together in a much closer way than we ever did at home. We all experienced those magical moments when our family finally sat down together watching the sunset, and then had dinner under the stars. Back home we all are busy with our careers, leading our own lives. But why were those nights so special?

We discussed it many times after we came home, until we realised that it was exactly because we had been sitting outside under the stars. Outdoor furniture does not serve any other practical function than bringing friends and family together. Whether placed under the open sky in Bali or on our own balcony, they are purely there to help us relax and enjoy social occasions.

Come together and relax in each other’s company.

After coming home from the family vacation, we, brothers Samuel and Christopher, had a dream to recreate that magical moment where our family had come together and enjoyed each other’s company. Arena Living was born out of that dream. We decided to establish a business exclusively providing outdoor furniture.

In our everyday lives we all come home at different times. We have dinner at different times. And even when we all finally are gathered on Sundays, we all still have something we just need to do: Check our phones, reply to emails and texts… Therefore our dining table at home does not bring us together like we were under the open sky in Bali beach.

'outdoor furniture on our balcony is purely for relaxing, enjoying the good weather and breathing in a cool breeze '

All the furniture we have inside our homes serves a specific purpose in our busy lives. The dining table is for having a quick meal, the living room sofa for entertaining guests and the bed is for getting a night's sleep before it all starts over again the next morning. But the outdoor furniture on our balcony is purely for relaxing, enjoying the good weather and breathing in a cool breeze. A nice and comfortable outdoor space allows us to come together with our families and get a break from our busy lives.

'it’s a lifestyle that brings people together and lets them enjoy life with each other'

To make those outdoor family moments available in people’s homes, we offer a range of outdoor furniture uniting exceptional functionality and timeless design. But we did it with a new business model that eliminates showrooms, warehouses and retailers completely, so we can offer a level of luxury and quality that was previously inaccessible to the working people of Singapore. And because of that, we are able to offer all the furniture people need to relax during a nice warm day, or for vibrant garden parties at sunset, at prices that are as exceptional as our quality.

Enjoy life with each other.

Our collection is much more than just an exclusive furniture range, it’s a lifestyle that brings people together and lets them enjoy life with each other. It ranges from outdoor armchairs, sun beds and swing chairs to dining, bar and sofa sets, and puts relaxation as its key function to allow you to get the most enjoyment from your balcony, garden or patio.

Arena Living — Looking For Paradise

It’s the small things that don’t cost anything that bring life’s best moments. It’s coming together, having a good conversation and laugh with friends and family. Arena Living’s outdoor furniture is designed to create a comfortable sitting area for those moments, because the finest luxury in life is to take a break to relax and just enjoy the moment.